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Locomotive offers a bespoke body of services to meet clients' precise needs, based around three central principles



Who are you and what do you stand for? What is your story, and how will people connect with it? A deep understanding of the answers to these questions is the foundation of building a fanbase. What better place, then, for LOCOMOTIVE's work to begin. We take a level of time and care unlike anyone else to listen intimately to artists and, first and foremost, help them make sense of their true selves and their art. We’ll then hone in on what areas of that story will speak to different audience groups – and why – before focusing deeper still on those that truly matter.

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Having led some of the biggest music media brands in the world, we know better than most how to tell a story through language and images. LOCOMOTIVE will distill an artist's message into deliverables with which to arm them and their team – offering everything from biographies, track by tracks, press kits, brand and pitch decks, creative guidelines, image look-books and catalogues of video. Through our connections with some of the very best photographers, designers, videographers, podcast producers and more, we can create a tailored bank of material that will speak truthfully and pointedly to audience and industry alike.



LOCOMOTIVE understands that any successful brand or campaign is built on clarity of message. And in our ever-changing landscape, it's never been more important to be able to convey that message yourself. That’s why we work with artists and their teams to not only create the hymn sheet from which they can all sing, but provide ongoing assistance, direction and training to help them stay in tune. Whether in the form of traditional or new media opportunities, social content, marketing, partner and collaborator pitching, or anything in between, we ensure you feel confident in telling your story with consistency and clarity.

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